Saturday, August 21, 2004

John Kerry, Vietnam Veteran

Front Page Magazine wades in the John Kerry, Vietnam Veteran Saga with an interesting twist from John Kerry’s own website.

Apparently, John Kerry’s own DD214 which is posted on his website shows that he was awarded the Silver Star with a combat “V” for valour. The problem here folks is that the Silver Star is not awarded with a combat “V” for valour. Bronze Star yes, Silver Star no, so sayth Front Page Magazine.

So the question becomes: did the clerk who typed up the DD214 form make a typo or has the document has been altered?

Front Page asks if it’s a typo, why hasn’t John Kerry had his DD214 corrected? Maybe he's been too busy ferrying all those CIA, Navy Seals, and Special Forces guys to Cambodia perhaps?


Here's my caveat: I am unfamiliar with how US medals are awarded - and I would not mind hearing from any US Vets who may have or know of anyone else who was awarded with a Silver Star with Combat "V".

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