Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Parable of Two Boys

This is the story of two little year old boys, Mohammed and Isaiah Sender, who played on opposing teams in a game of catch the flag at their summer day camp. Mohammed’s team won and when Isaiah Sender bent down to pick up the flag off the ground Mohammed stepped on it. Isaiah Sender stood up and Mohammed pushed him. Isaiah Sender pushed back. Then Mohammed grabbed Isaiah Sender in a headlock and hit him in the stomach. Isaiah Sender escaped the headlock and pinned Mohammed’s arm behind his back and shoved him to the ground and then Isaiah Sender punched him.

At this point, the staff intervened and dragged Isaiah Sender off Mohammed. Under questioning, Mohammed admitted he started the fight and he hit Isaiah Sender first, but Mohammed in his defense said, Isaiah Sender hit back harder. Isaiah Sender got suspended from day camp for fighting. Mohammed was not suspended so he can go to day camp tomorrow.

What is the moral here?