Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The animals have escaped the zoo.

I was going to write and gloat about Michael Moore and the fisking he received at the hands of Senator John McCain, the fisking he received from the crowd in the hall at the Republican convention. I was going to comment on Mr. Moore’s article for USA Today and Big Mike’s decision not to return to the hall of the Republican convention.

I logged on and was confronted with the headlines at the Debkafile:

First report of up to 8 dead in car bomb explosion outside Moscow market and Metro station.

Hamas-Hebron claims responsibility for double suicide attack Tuesday on two Beersheba buses whose death toll has risen to 16, with up to 100 injured. The two buses blew up on the southern Israeli city’s busy main street, Rager Blvd., hitting passengers, passing vehicles and pedestrians near town hall and Soroka hospital.
Terrorist access from Mt Hebron to Beersheba is unimpeded by security barrier whose construction is held up for high court rulings. Terror alert elevated in all parts of Israel.

Islamic Asnar al Sunna website posts images of all 12 Nepalese hostages in Iraq beheaded. Group linked to al Qaeda Iraq operative Musab al Zarqawi. Nepal is not part of US-led coalition. Victims entered illegally from Jordan in search of jobs.

Chirac flies to Russia for talks with Putin and also Schroeder, while French FM visits Jordan - in desperate diplomatic attempt to rescue two French journalists abducted in Iraq. Islam Army of Iraq gave France another 24 hours to lift headscarf ban. Hamas urges abductors to release men in respect of French position on Iraq and to isolate Israel and US
Then I turn to Little Green Footballs and was smacked in the face with the images of Palestinians in the street celebrating the successful mass murder of 16 and wounding of a 100 Jews in Beersheba today:

These are the images you will not see in the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail today. They might never see the light of day in any Canadian paper. These are images are of a people whose humanity with the West is stretched to the furthest edges of the human gene pool.

They share a common bond with Islamic Asnar al Sunna who have posted images of the 12 Nepalese hostages that they have beheaded, they share a point of view that is simpatico with Chechen terrorists who have set off a car bomb and killed at least 8 in a Moscow market today. This is the humanity that Jacques Chirac has run off to appease in the hopes that he can buy the freedom of 2 French journalists held by the Islam Army of Iraq.

The bard is wrong, the quality of mercy is strained where terror reigns.

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