Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Old Europe versus New World

Jeremy Rifkin writes in the Globe and Mail:

Worlds apart on the vision thing. --Canadians are in the midst of a transatlantic debate: the American Dream of individual fulfillment versus the European Dream of community.

There are many and varied rebuttal arguments one could make about the viability of embracing the so-called European Community vision for Canada, but all we really need to do is acknowledge the "why" so many of our ancestors fled Old Europe for the New World, and if those reasons are still valid today? We need to ask ourselves, is it really more desirable today to live in Europe and; if it is, why haven’t the descendants of those same Europeans immigrants not returned in any viable numbers? If the vision of European Community is right for Canada, why is our largest migration drain Canadians choosing to immigrate to the United States?


jc said...

The whole idea that Europeans a) are brilliant communitarians, b) that Canada is trying to emulate Europe can be refuted quite easily: two words - Margaret Thatcher.

There are more Thatcherite Canadians than the Liberal orthodoxy wants to acknowledge...and more every day.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Eurueka! Thatcherite Canadians -- How succinct - I feel a rant coming on.