Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Part 2

As the summer whines down, I keep experiencing the "huh" factor every time I go to read the Globe and Mail:

Flyers threatening Muslim students with violence and death have been discovered at Ryerson University, forcing the campus to investigate its second hate crime of the summer.

"The Islamic infidels have no belonging in Toronto and in the world at all ... we ask that whenever you spot a Muslim ... that you beat them and cause harm to them. Kill these Islamic infidels," reads one of the notices in broken English and signed by a group calling itself the Full Blooded Israeli Brigades.

I want to establish my caveat: In a civil society the incitement and promotion of violence against any group of citizens is inexcusable and a clear criminal code violation.

Having said that, the "huh" factor kicked in after I read the article.

Certainly, Jews have had their fair share of fanatics but I cannot see a supporter of Rabbi Kahane using "Islamic Infidel" maybe "swine" or "goyim", but "infidel"? No, I think not. To a Jew, you are either a Jew or Gentile. Muslims are gentiles. Infidel just does not have the ring of authenticity to it if you are dealing with religious Jewish fanatics. "We ask that whenever you spot a Muslim…that you beat them and cause harm to them. Kill these Islamic infidels". This sounds like a translation from the Sura in the Quran extolling believers on Jihad to kill aggressors wherever you find them.

The flyer was signed by an organization calling itself "Full Blooded Israeli Brigade". Now we have the language of the leftist revolutionary. I am sure that Israel has its’ share of leftists but "Full Blooded"? Only the most ignorant of Jews would not understand that to a Jew; you either are a Jew or not, there are no half-bloods, hence all Jews are Jews. Why "Israeli"? If it is Jewish extremists: Zion, Masada, Sabra or Maccabee Brigade would sound more plausible than "Israeli".

Why Ryerson? I live a few short blocks away from Ryerson and there is certainly a strong Muslim presence in the neighborhood. Pasting the university with anti-Muslim flyers is like going to Saudi Arabia and trying to convert the crowd in the market to Christianity.

The whole incident reminds me of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. For those unfamiliar with the Protocols; it was a pamphlet that was published in the 19th century by the Russian "Okhrana" or secret police and circulated widely throughout Russia and the rest of the world. The Protocols outlined a secret Zionist/Jewish plot for the enslavement of the world and the destruction of Christianity. It promoted the blood libel that the Jews needed to use the blood of gentile children to make Passover matzohs etc. The rationale was to blame all of Russia’s ills on the Jews thereby justifying and promoting pogroms against the Jews in the Pale.

The sad irony of this situation is; whether I am right or wrong in my suspicions, no one in a civil society benefits.

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