Saturday, August 28, 2004

Missile Defense

There was an up roar over Carolyn Parrish’s comments on Canada’s possible participation with the US in developing a North American missile defense shield. I could care less about Carolyn Parrish, she lost creditability with me years ago, though I do find it odd that her constituency keeps returning her to Parliament which may or may not be an issue for the CSIS to investigate.

The larger issue that got lost in the Coalition of the Idiots narrative is; what is wrong with a missile defense shield over North America? I just do not comprehend why anyone (especially a liberal) would think a missile defense shield is a bad idea. It is a defensive weapon which should be a decided plus for all fiberals – after all they have spent the last 30 odd years wiping out Canada’s offensive capabilities. There is no guarantee that it would work, so it could be money down the drain and think of the potential patronage opportunities – double Fiberal plus.

I hear pious claim about not wanting to be part of the weaponization of space, but if you won’t allow the armed forces offensive capabilities and you will not allow citizens the right to weaponize their homes, then you better damn well make sure the incomings don’t land in the backyard.

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James P said...

The most foolish thing I find is that the goobers actually believe that the missile defense system will threaten other countries. Maybe it hasn't occurred to them, but the only countries this system would threaten would be the ones who are wanting to shoot nuclear missiles at us. I don't know about the, but I think stopping a nuclear warhead from hitting my backyard is A Good Idea (TM)