Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Huh Factor

From the Globe and Mail:
The size advantage

This month, for the first time, transsexuals will officially be allowed to compete in the Olympics -- although none is anticipated in this year's games, reports The Boston Globe. The medical commission of The International Olympic Commission has expanded the definition of "female" with its decision that transsexuals do not have an advantage beyond that of a tall woman.

After I got over the huh factor, my next thoughts were; before or after surgery, and how on earth do they pass the drug test? Or is this a new defense for positive drug testing?

In the interest of fairness and the ongoing striving to be politically correct, why does the International Olympic Commission not recognize that not all transsexuals are males taking on a female gender? What about transsexuals who are born female and take on a male gender? But why stop there, why not just end the sex segregation in Olympic sports all together?

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