Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Question of the Day

CNN Daybreak’s question for the day is: "Are the prime television speakers at the Republican convention really representative of the Republican Party?"

There were many questions CNN’s daybreak could have asked in their email "Question of the Day" but the choice is telling. The question implies that the Republican Party is guilty of misrepresenting itself to the American Public by choosing speakers who are firmly entrenched as centrist in the Republican Party.

CNN is still grappling with the fact that the Pat Buchanan’s are no longer representative of Republican centre just as the Democrats are no longer the party of classical liberalism.

Just who are the keynote speakers at this year’s Republican convention?

Senator John McCain – Senator, Life long Republican, first ran for congress in 1982.

Rudy Giuliani – Former Mayor of New York, Life Long Republican

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Governor, Republican since becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States

Laura Bush – First Lady, wife of current President of the United States, Life long Republican.

Works for me. Though I would be the first to agree that the current Republican Party has a shortage of "girlie men" unlike the Democrats who seemed to have the market cornered, stockpiles stored, shelved and inventoried.


The Tiger said...

Can't resist --

"Nationalized"? Naturalized, I should hope. The Governator would be appalled at the thought of any sort of nationalization, I think, in his Randian heart.


Kateland, aka TZH said...

See the problem it causes when you don't give spell check your full attention --