Monday, December 29, 2008

So what comes next?

Over 50 rockets struck Israel reports the Jerusalem Post:
Gaza terrorists fired over 50 projectiles at southern Israel Monday, the latest two rockets hitting the Ashkelon Beach region, causing no casualties or damage. Earlier Monday, Hanni Al-Mahdi, 27, of the Beduin town of Aroer in the Negev, was killed and at least 14 people were wounded when a Grad-type missile hit a construction site in Ashkelon's center. Of the wounded, five were reported to be in moderate-to-serious condition and the rest were lightly wounded. Several people were sent into shock by the attack.

And rumours abound that a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip by the IDF is eminent but what I want to understand is what happens after the ground offensive. I have no doubt that an IDF command along with a united political echelon can defeat Hamas decisively on a field of battle but what happens the day after the ground offensive ends in the Gaza Strip?

Does control turn over to the impotent Fatah run Palestinian Authority and we watch a repeat of June 2007 in 18 months with kassams once again flying into civilian centres in southern Israel? Does a UN body come into to take civilian control of the Strip? Does the IDF take control and run a quasi military-civilian authority in the Gaza Strip? The one thing the Israeli Defense Forces cannot give to Gazans is responsible Palestinian political leadership, and until the Gazans reject overwhelming rule by terror, the Gaza Strip will remain nothing more than a viper’s nets in Southern Israel.

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