Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The selfishness of the Jooos

I once quibbed that the greatest crime Christianity committed was giving the world a love for dead Jews. It was one of those cynical smart alecky type of remarks I utter from time to time without a great deal of thought – usually wine or cognac is involved…but I am really starting to believe there is something about dead Jews which makes non-Jews go all misty and sentimental in a way living breathing Jews can never hope to aspire to. Want empathy for Jews - think Jesus’ suffering on the cross, think holocaust, or Chabad murder victims in Mumbai and a chord of empathy is immediately struck. Think living Jews fighting for survival and get immediately accused of selfishness and wreckless disregard for others. The London Daily News

In London the mainstream media have been warned to avoid the subject in phone-in's to avoid escalating tensions, but that is unrealistic. What Israel has done again, is look at its own security concerns and forget that of other nations like ours.

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