Wednesday, December 31, 2008

China has some explainin’ to do

Or at least someone in the international community should be demanding answers as to the how Hamas got a hold of missiles manufactured in China. Ynet News:
"We are witnessing the expansion of the rocket fire emanating from Gaza to a radius of 30 - 40 kilometers (about 19 – 25 miles)," the deputy commander of the IDF's Home Front Command said Wednesday. Brigadier-General Avraham Ben-David told reporters that in light of the rocket attacks on Beersheba, all planned events with over 100 participants will be cancelled, including New Year's Eve parties.

(…)Referring to the rocket attack that severely damaged a Beersheba school earlier in the day, Ben-David said the IDF's decision to cancel classes in all of the Negev city's educational institutions "saved lives", adding that school will be out at least until the end of the week.

The army official said the rocket that struck the school in Beersheba was manufactured in China, is heavier than the Qassam and can "potentially cause much greater damage." He said the rocket contains metal pallets that can spread out across a radius of up to 100 meters (about 328 feet) from the point of impact.

I don’t expect much traction on this development as China seems to possess a permanent pass and so far has effectively avoided any serious international reprecussions for selling every thing from tainted food, baby formula to toxic toys – so why not rockets? The simple most obvious answer is that Hamas received the Chinese made rockets via Hezbollah-Iran Axis.


Anonymous said...

if someone were stabbed by a knife, who should be the one held responsible, the stabber or the knife manufacturer? it is not fair to blame china for hamas' action.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

If we were talking about a knife you might have a point but since we are talking about a rocket - a weapon of war, which China manufactured and was responsible for the sale of, a rocket I might add which was used on an attack on a kindergarten full of children - it's time China was called to account for whom China sold has been selling those rockets to.