Sunday, December 21, 2008

I miss the old days when you could tar and feather politicians

The Ontario government regulates the sale of alcohol in the province and sets the price within certain ‘limits’. The government has just decided to increase the price of beer and not being a real beer buying fan of beer it doesn’t really touch my quality of life or bother me except for two little nagging issues. Toronto Star:
That 6.7 per cent increase in the floor price of a case, bottle deposit excluded, has nothing to do with supply-and-demand, production costs, overhead or distribution expenses.

Instead, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario sets minimum prices as part of its "social responsibility" mandate established in 1993. Translation: If alcohol is too cheap, you may abuse it.

But documents obtained under Ontario's freedom-of-information law show that the Ministry of Finance, not the LCBO, pressed for higher beer prices – raising questions about the arm's-length relationship between the two bodies. "The Ministry of Finance recommends an increase to the minimum retail price for beer effective November 24, 2008," says a memo distributed to board members for their Oct. 15 meeting in Toronto.

If the Ministry of Finance wants another revenue stream, all well and good (sort of) but McGirlieman’s liberals need to be upfront about it and tell it like it is - rather than attempting to hoodwink the citizens of the province

Secondly, who knew Ontario had a social responsibility mandate? This is just another gift from Bob Rae’s horrendous term of office. Social responsibility mandates – please. What’s next - regulating who I have sex with or who I can pray to and how? Why Bob Rae still has a career can only be the work of avenging demons.

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Michelle said...

The Ontario government has needlessly raised the price of beer and hardworking Canadians deserve a break, not an increase in their beloved beverage. Let's take a stand against the price increase and bring back Buck a Beer!
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