Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In life, everything is a lesson.

So my son, Isaiah Sender, is watching this horrible frat-boy kind of show off the internet called “Kenny vs. Spenny” which just happens to be filmed a few doors down from our home. Kenny vs. Spenny is a competition between these two social retards on who can do whatever the best. Memorial episodes have been based on things like who can be homeless the longest or who can offend the most people, who can lift the most weight with their genitals. Like I said, total frat-boy stuff. So he is watching an episode called “Who can be the better Jew”. He gets excited and calls me over to watch all 30 seconds of him walking by in the far distance. I get all crypt and tell him it’s a sign and hand him my Tehillim and Siddur. He just rolls his eyes and bows to the inevitable.

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