Thursday, December 04, 2008

For future prosperity or fun and games, someone get Bob Rae on the record – Now.

Liberals and NDP claim they cannot support the Conservative government because of a proposed freeze on the salaries of civil servants and a temporary removal of the right to strike during this recession.

I am not even sure if this is even still on the table, but anyway,has anyone asked Bob Rae (current Liberal Member of Parliament for Toronto-Centre) point-blank - why he does not now support these measures in an uncertain economic times when as Premier of Ontario he unilaterally re-opened provincial civil servants collective agreements, removed the right to strike, rolled back salaries and imposed a ‘free day’ of work on civil servants? If it was right for Ontario then, how much more right would it be today, when the country is facing a world wide economic crisis the like which has never been seen before?

Or is it just one of those smoke and mirrors statements Dion likes to throw around – like when Dion rejected a proposed NDP-Liberal alliance way back on September 23, 2008. The Globe and Mail:
BURNABY, B.C. — Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion flatly rejected forming a coalition government with the New Democrats today on the heels of hints from NDP Leader Jack Layton that he'd be open to the idea.

Mr. Dion, speaking after an address to a Vancouver-area business crowd today, said he could not work with Mr. Layton in this way because the NDP leader wants to hike taxes on business. “We cannot have a coalition with a party that has a platform that would be damaging for the economy. Period,” the Liberal leader said.
Of course, a Liberal would probably tell you what is said in the West - stays in the West.


shlemazl said...

Ah, but you misunderstood Dion. When he said "Period", he meant that afer a period of time... like a month or two, he WILL support a "coalition with a prty that has a platfrom that would be damanging for the economy".

He is a man of honour and very principled, but only for a period.

Anonymous said...

Since I do not possess a biological wifi access network, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter a wit as my fingers are not surgically attached to my keyboard - so comments are now moderated. You might even find your comment deleted for racism and/or defamatory content. Of course, I might just delete your comment because I just flat out do not like you. Although, you are still invited to take your best snark shot at me - points are award if you can make me laugh.

Too bad all the progressive bloggers who put up with your pretentiousness and vacuous blithering aren't as disciplined as you.


Kateland, aka TZH said...

Ah, the rarest of all anons - a Bob Rae strategist! I'm touched, truly touched, although your sore loser persona still needs a little work. But no worries as I am sure you will have plenty of time and opportunity to work on it.