Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 'Calm' is Over

For the last few weeks there have been various reportings suggesting Hamas would not continue the ‘truce’ with the Israelis, but almost every official quoted was based out of Damacus rather than the Gaza Strip, so there were a little bit of creditability issues with the reports being carried. Reuters is carrying the first Hamas official based in the Gaza Strip who has gone on record suggesting the truce is no more and will not be renewed which I have read.
GAZA (Reuters) - Hamas on Thursday declared an end to a six-month-old Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip, raising the prospect of an escalation in cross-border fighting.

"The calm is over," Hamas official Ayman Taha said in an announcement after concluding talks with Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave controlled by the Islamist group.

He said the ceasefire, which Hamas says was scheduled to expire on December 19, would not be renewed "because the enemy did not abide by its obligations" to ease a crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip and halt all attacks.

Hamas stopped short of threatening an immediate escalation against Israel, which had hoped to extend the truce and appears wary of a confrontation that could cause heavy casualties on both sides. The European Union, in a statement, called for an "immediate cessation" of both rocket fire and Israeli incursions.

Yadda, Yadda to the EU. And I gotta love Reuters for always being consistent in getting their little anti-Israeli jibes in.
Tensions along the Israeli-Gaza border have been escalating since early last month when a deadly Israeli army raid triggered a wave of rocket attacks by Palestinian militants.

That deadly IDF raid – let’s just say – there is no human right to build tunnels into Israel from the Gaza Strip. But overall, let's just say its somewhat of a relief. I mean how much non-truce are the Israelis suppose to absorb. Now send in the missiles for every kassam – Hezbollah style.

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