Thursday, November 27, 2008

UN Decisions divorced from reason or reality

While anyone still thinks the UN can play a useful geo-political role beyond arming every tin pot third world tyrant is beyond my ability to comprehend. The Jerusalem Post. Jerusalem Post:
The UN nuclear agency on Wednesday approved technical aid for Syria despite suspicions that the country had a secret atomic program that could be used to make weapons.
When Syria has finally turned its peace nuclear program into arms against the Israelis I hope the Samson Option includes a missile strike on the UN Atomic agency as well.


Anonymous said...

The purpose of the Samson Option is to terrify the US into supporting ISrael since ISrael will nuke russia if it doesnt't get it's way and then Russia will nuke the US.

shlemazl said...

That made me sick. I just hope they supply Chechen and Islamic terrorist in China with whatever comes out of this.