Tuesday, November 04, 2008

eating your own

If a second Jewish state is ever established or civil war breaks out in Israel you can blame the policies of the secular government of Israel for it. Arutz Sheva carried this report of an attempted kidnapping carried out by Arabs under the eyes of the Israeli border police who were too busy demolishing a Jewish home to care what happened to two young Jews.
(IsraelNN.com) Jewish residents of Migron reported Monday that Arabs from a nearby village had attempted to kidnap two young Jews. The attack took place on Monday morning as border police were demolishing five buildings, including a structure used as a meeting place by local Jewish youths. Border Police either failed to notice the attack or chose not to intervene, residents said, and the kidnapping was foiled only due to the efforts of alert local teens.

The attack began when a group of Arab men approached two Jewish youths who were standing near an olive grove on the outskirts of town and began pelting them with stones. The Arab men had gained access to the area by telling soldiers they were farmers who had come to harvest olives. The attackers managed to overpower and grab the two youths. They then bound them and began dragging them away. The two youths continued to struggle and were beaten by the mob. One was stabbed in the head and wounded.

The two were saved thanks to an alert young man who noticed the struggle and gathered a group of 15 young Jews from Migron, who ran after the attackers. The attackers fled, leaving the two bound and injured Jewish youths behind. One youth was treated at the scene of the attack, while the other required more extensive treatment and was taken to a hospital.

The end result – the kidnapping was foiled and Israeli border police arrested one of the injured Jewish youths. Go figure.

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