Monday, November 17, 2008

See - there can be a common meeting ground between the Left and Right.

I was feeling rather pleased as a case of wine has just arrived at what is to be my winter digs yesterday. Nothing like a little Yarden to make one feel at home.

And it was in this spirit that I decided to see what StageLeft et al are up to and found this post – Where my money goes is my decision. It centres around the recent controversy of Britian demanding products being produced in the West Bank/Judea/Samaria being labeled as such rather than being labeled ‘Made in Israel’. Ha’aretz carries the report. I decided to make a brief foray into the comments on this issue and then decided this comment was worthy of its on post on my blog.

For the record, this is just another incident where I believe the Israeli government is taking the wrong stance.

Secondly, I would like to note the Israeli government is not objecting to the ‘Made in Israel’ label but what the British government is suggesting is that products be labeled not ‘Made in Israel’ but ‘Made in Judea or Samaria’. And unabashed Zionist that I am, I don’t have a problem with products being labeled ‘Made in Judea or Samaria’ or even ‘Made in the West Bank’ although I suspect the law of unintended consequences will eventually be applied here.

For example, a Swedish firm which operated a branch in the ‘West Bank’ was recently pressured to close their branch office via political pressure applied at home and move it behind the so-called ‘Green-line’. Consequently, a few hundred Palestinian Arabs are now out of work. And in a response to unintended consequences of the situation, I suspect the British government will eventually demand product labeling being based upon the content as being ‘Judenrein’ or not. I still don’t have a problem with that and I suspect many others won’t as well but there will be an enormous amount of irony watching Gentiles making their purchasing decisions based on the ‘Judenrein’ content of goods offered for sale.


Chris Taylor said...

My inner Zionist-Crusader imperialist likes the sound of Judea and Samaria, too. Kick it old-school Roman style!

My inner British imperialist would like to get Mumbai turned back into Bombay and Chennai turned back into Madras, as well. What EU commission do you have to see to get that all revved up?

I would also like to nominate Iran (Persia), Iraq (Mesopotamia), Libya (Tripolitania and Cyrenaica), Taiwan (Formosa) and France (Gaul) for retro-renaming.

Chris Taylor said...

P.S. Know whre I could get Yarden Heights Gew√ľrztraminer? LCBO only lists three Yarden wines on their website and regrettably none are the fun white "dessert" variety.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

A friend sent me her wholesale listing so I will take a look and see. Can't say I am a big fan Gewurztraminers but I will let you know.

I have been buying Carmel's Selected - Emerald Riesling & Chenin Blanc at the LCBO which I really like. Semi-dry white with just the softest hint of fruit - which makes me think of a peaches/apple blend. It is one of the few wines which I can drink either chilled or at room temperature and still love either way. It is produced in Shomron so one gets a chance to stick it to the West Bank Apartheid crowd by buying it at the same time.