Monday, November 24, 2008


The urge to blog just isn’t there and today is really one of them but I do have two quick thoughts.

As I sit here in the centre of the down turned universe, I really wonder how long and how far will the Toronto Star go to bash Alberta. I mean, can there ever be a bottom to this petty mean spirited prattle? Furthermore, attempting to draw a comparison between Norway and Alberta is trying to compare apples and oranges. There might be some validity in such a comparison if the Western Separatist movement actually succeeded in separating from Confederation, but until then, from ringside my perch, a $2 billion surplus is nothing to be pooh-poohed at. We should all have it so good.

It appears Hillary Clinton is set to be the next US Secretary of State and I am reminded of an old Israeli joke about Shimon Peres – no matter who one votes for you always get Shimon Peres. The joke works for the Americans as all one has to do is replace the Peres with Clinton. Am I the only one struck by the smallness of change the new American Administration of Hope and Change actually brings?

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