Friday, November 07, 2008

The Israeli governments continued war against the Jews

I have been trying to write about Noam Federman for days but just when I think I am done the papers report another new incident. I understand why someone like Noam Federman or an Avi Ran (and others too numerous to mention) is problematic to the secular Israeli body politic. They are eminently unbribable and imperious to coercive force. Knock them down, and they get up and soldier on. They pour their whole heart, mind and soul into things of an otherworldly nature. They are not only committed to an ideal but are committed to living out that very ideal at any price.

So how to deal with them? Well, the Romans choose to kill as many as possible and then salt the earth which worked but only for a short time. Christians and Muslims have been killing them for a few millenniums but still the Federmans and the Rans of the world are born and rise up. The current Israeli government, much like previous Israeli Administrations, has decided to pervert their own laws and persecute them to the fullest perversion which the law bends and twists to allow.

Case in point. Over 200 Yassam came to evict and destroy the Federman’s home October 25th in the middle of the night which works out to well over 10 Yassam for less than 20 people which makes you wonder how dangerous and tough those Jewish children are when a 2 year old needs to be subdued by at least 10 security officials. By all accounts, Noam Federman was immediately arrested and handcuffed with his arms fastened behind his back.

The Israeli border officials arrested him and attempted to indict him for allegedly breaking the leg of a soldier while he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground by at least 10 or more men - where it has been alleged he was beaten. The judge took a look at Noam Federman’s bruised and bloody body and asked for the medical report of officer whose leg was broken by Federman’s ‘assault’. The government was unable to supply any evidence and presented conflicting police accounts so a Jerusalem judge demanded Federman be released and dismissed the charges.

The original demolition of Federman’s home could only be carried out with the IDF surrounding Federman’s farm, and it required IDF command lie to the soldiers who had the misfortune of pulling guard duty that night. Federman’s neighbors set about rebuilding his home within 24 hours. By my count the structures have been set up at least 4 times since the original destruction by Israeli security forces. The government keeps destroying the buildings, and yet, they keep rising. On October 31st the Israeli security forces again entered the new structure and Israeli security forces beat up on the children and knocked one daughter unconscious and wounded four other children.

Noam Federman’s wife Elisheva was recently detained by police who demanded she uncover her hair publicly to provide a DNA sample. Who knew the Israeli police prefer the time consuming and expensive testing of hair samples rather than a cheek swab? Frankly, the whole exercise was nothing more than a simple case of police harassment with an eye to humiliate a religious Jewish woman. Although, it might not have turned out quite the way the Israeli police hoped for as the exercise in humiliation ended with a spontaneous protest by local Jewish women picketing the police station where Elisheva was detained.

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Post reported that Noam Federman was indicted for assaulting an Israeli border by breaking his arm and obstructing police.
The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office filed an indictment against right-wing activist Noam Federman on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a policeman and obstructing a police officer during the evacuation of his illegal home at an outpost outside Hebron last week.
This time I suspect all the appropriate medical paperwork documenting the injury was duly submitted although there is no report in newspaper accounts of what day the alleged Super Jew Federman actually did the deed.

Today, Ynet News carries this report:
The Jerusalem Magistrate's court rejected Friday the Prosecutor's Office's second request to ban rightist activist Noam Federman from Judea and Samaria, after he was indicted for aggravated assault of a police officer. Judge Shulamit Dotan ruled Friday that the Prosecutor's Office petition to forbid Federman from entering Judea and Samaria is premature, and that the rightist activist should be allowed to see the evidence against him before any decision on the matter is taken. On Thursday, the judge rejected the first request made by the Prosecutor's Office because it failed to hand over the required documents to Federman.
I have always wondered about the ordinary people who can in good conscience commit or be a party to these kinds of acts for when you pervert justice for one it is only a matter of time before justice is perverted for all. But what is even harder for me to grasp is why Israeli secular society encourages and lights Chanukah candles. To light the Chanukah menorah is not only to remember to the miracle of the rededication of the second Temple but it is to remember why the miracle was needed. The Maccabbean revolt was not just a rebellion against a foreign ruler but a revolt whereby religious Jews actively rose up against their secular brethren who actively chose to live their lives outside of the Torah.

I know which side Federman stands in this long line of Jewish tradition, but on what side does the homeland of the Jewish state stand? In other news this week, over 50 kassams have been fired into Israel this Tuesday from the Gaza Strip - good thing there's a truce.

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Frankly, the whole exercise was nothing more than a simple case of police harassment with an eye to humiliate a religious Jewish woman.