Thursday, November 27, 2008

Egyptians: Forget Hamas, the Bedouins are running amuck

Ynet News carries a warning from Cairo which suggests the Egyptian-Israeli-Gaza Strip border is a dangerous place because of out of control…Bedouins.
The Egyptian parliament's defense committee says the situation at the border with Israel is dangerous because of heavily armed Bedouin and police inability to control smuggling tunnels. The state-owned Al-Gomhuria daily, in its early Wednesday edition, said committee members warned parliament of increased smuggling operations through the tunnels and the unrestricted spread of weapons among the Bedouin.

(…)Tension is high between the Egyptian government and Bedouin of the Sinai, who complain they are discriminated against and not given job opportunities in the mountainous desert peninsula that is home to some of Egypt's top beach resorts. Bedouin smugglers use the border areas to send weapons, drugs and other items into the Gaza Strip, often through underground tunnels. Traffickers also ferry African migrants seeking to enter Israel.

Just how bad (er, embarrassing?) is it for the Egyptians? Go back and read here.

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