Wednesday, November 05, 2008

all bin Laden and no where to go

I have been following the asylum sage of Omar bin Laden for the last year.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Spain has denied the asylum request of Omar Osama bin Laden, the 27 year old son of Osama, and he is currently being held in the airport transit area but he does have to appeal the decision.

Apparently, Omar had been living in Cairo after his request for residency in Britain was turned down earlier this year. A British official did claim Omar made "statements made during recent media interviews indicate evidence of continuing loyalty to your father".

Before Canadians get too compliance, there is always a chance that someone will advise him of Canada’s rather lax asylum standards. I mean, who don’t we let?


Kipling said...

Does he, or does he not look like the villian from a bad sci-fi tv show? Perhaps a Klingon?

Raphael Alexander said...

Even Canada wouldn't be so absurd as to allow him here. Not under a Conservative government, surely. It did take forever to get rid of Laibar Singh though.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

RA, the Conservative government has not even begun to change the asylum laws in this country, and forget Liabar Singh, he was only the tip.

Can you imagine the outrage from the progressives - all that 'don't blame the sins of the father on the son'...oy vey. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Of course, they would have a point.

Kipling - you pegged it perfectly. I believe he'd fit right in on the cast of the TV version of Andromeda...or maybe Xena.