Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Morning time in Canada after US elections

In morning time in America - 55,821,650 American voters feel Hillary Clinton’s pain so she has earned the right to take the great communicator title from Bill.

If there is an upside for a Canadian with an Obama win it is this – no more will I have to listen to the progressives liberals screech 'Harper is a lap dog for Bush/Cheney/Neocon Overlords' and I just bet not one progressive or liberal uses the Harper=Obama mantra in the next Canadian election.

Who knows, maybe we can finally have an election in this country without the progressives and liberals invoking anti-Americanism in their campaigning! I personally have my doubts as the American recovery will be in full-tilt disaster mode by the time of next our election. I suspect I will hear them plead not to Obamasize Canada which should be worth a few good schadenfreude moments for me.

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