Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ruff. Ruff.

Dr. Dawg is at it again.

October 21st of this year marked the 28th kassam launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel since the June 19th ‘truce’ went into effect but Dawg takes offense that the Gaza Strip leadership is branded the agressor….well, well. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - in Dr. Dawg’s world it must be a dove if it involves a wacked-out Islamist group.

If we were to believe Dr. Dawg, the cross-border raid in which six Hamas men were killed in a tunnel shoot-out with the IDF is a gross human rights violation. Who knew there was a human right to build a tunnel leading into a sovereign nation? It carries absolutely no weight with Dawg that the only express purpose of a tunnel beginning in the Gaza Strip and leading into the Israeli state would be for the express purpose of launching an attack and/or kidnapping of Israelis – just like the tunnel used to launch the Shalit affair.

I suppose now it is the human right to kill Israelis. The problem with lefties like Dawg is that the human rights bar keeps changing. Like the human right of the “Hezzies” to launch rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Frankly, I am having a hard time keeping up with all the new human rights which keep being established by Dawg and his pack.

The Dawg also takes issue with the fact Israel will not allow journalists into the Gaza Strip from their side of the border but he offers absolutely no criticism of the Egyptian authorities who also share a border with the Hamas run Gaza Strip and will not allow journalists to enter from their side of the border. I suppose geography is not his strong suit – either that or he believes the Egyptians are merely Zionists stooges or dupes.

Dawg also neglects to mention the kinds of things which caused international news agencies to pull their journalists out of the Gaza Strip in the first place. Of course, you can check his archives for September of this year and you will not one word of support for the Gazan journalists who have been protesting against their treatment by the Hamas government.

While the Dawg and his pack want you to believe Gazans are suffering ‘serious privations’ what he doesn’t want to acknowledge is that the markets on the streets of Rafah are doing a booming business in the Gaza Strip. I mean, who are you to believe – Dawg, the UN, Amnesty International, Oxfam or your own lying eyes?

Go read and look at the whole article at Arutz Sheva, and since Dawg invoked the Geneva convention thingy how come his yelp makes absolutely no sound concerning Hamas prisoner of war violations - a la Gilad Shalit?

And just why did Dawg spare us his yelping and the invoking of the Geneva Convention when Hamas was busy fighting Fatah for the control of the Gaza Strip? Of course, no Israelis Jews were involved so I suppose in Dawg’s world; Hamas earned a pass.

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