Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hamas's Equivalent to Self-Help TV

The truce between Israel and Hamas went into effect today and Ynet News carries this startling report:
VIDEO - The ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip began Thursday morning at 6:00 am, however, while Israel and Hamas persevered in their attempt to conclude the final details for a ceasefire mediated by Egypt over the past few days, Hamas continued demonstrating militancy in their televised broadcasts. In broadcasts on the organization's television network, Hamas gunmen exhibited various combat skills and ways to kidnap Israeli soldiers, like they did Gilad Shalit.

The video provided by the Palestinian Media Watch, exhibited the kidnapping skills of the organization’s gunmen to the spectators at home; showing a blown-up IDF armored vehicle and Hamas gunmen carrying an IDF soldier over their shoulders, escaping with him. This is chilling evidence to what most-likely happened during Shalit's kidnapping.

In essence, the station broadcasts Hamas' “activities” against Israel a few times a day. In other instances, it portrays the organization’s penetration into Israeli settlements and army bases.

The al-Aqsa station was established more than a year ago and is already considered extremely popular in Gaza and in the Arab world in general. The young broadcasters emphasize the propagandist, forceful line of Hamas and the station’s many reporters are dispersed throughout the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
I bet we won’t see this on the CBC.

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