Thursday, June 12, 2008

Count on the Colonel

Gadhafi... to say the most outrageous things possible. Ha’aretz:
Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said on Wednesday that U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's expressed support for Israel stems from his fear that the Mossad would assassinate him, just as it did President John F. Kennedy.

"We suspect he may fear being killed by Israeli agents and meet the same fate as Kennedy when he promised to look into Israel's nuclear program," Gadhafi said.

While the existence of Israeli nuclear weapons is widely assumed, Israeli officials have never admitted their existence and U.S. officials have stuck to that line in public. Gadhafi saw a dark motive behind a recent speech by Obama in support of Israel. "Obama offered $300 billion in aid to Israel and more military support. He avoided talking about Israel's nuclear weapons," he said.
Okay, I am just having a little trouble getting my mind wrapped around Lee Harvey Oswald as Mossad agent but once I get over all the obvious deficiencies in my imagination I marvel at the ingenuity of the Elders. If you think suggesting the Mossad killed J.F.K and will probably take out Obama should he become president of the United States isn’t outrageous enough there is always this:
Gadhafi said Obama would have an "inferiority complex" because he is black and if elected he might "behave worse than whites."

"We fear that Obama will feel that, because he is black with an inferiority complex, this will make him behave worse than the whites," Gadhafi told a rally at a former U.S. military base on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli.

"This will be a tragedy," Gadhafi said. "We tell him to be proud of himself as a black and feel that all Africa is behind him because if he sticks to this inferiority complex he will have a worse foreign policy than the whites had in the past."

Okkkaay - Fine.

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Obama wants to surrender to guys like this...