Monday, June 02, 2008

Civics classes 201 - circa 2008.

I am not sure why or how, but the oldest son and seem to have established a new tradition for Sunday mornings by going out to brunch together. It is really our only private time to catch up and share what our week was really like. He always liked going to school until this year and attending has become a milestone around his neck. Our Sunday am brunches have been his opportunity to blow off a little steam which has pent up during the week.

This week, he saved a hand-out from his grade ten civics class listing all the ways one could participate in a social protest against the 'government' and handed it to me during brunch. I laughed so hard that I decided to share one point every week for the next couple of months.
Make very little money in order to pay minimal taxes so that the government will be unable to use tax revenues to fund unnecessary programs like the military.
Is anyone surprised to learn - he absolutely loathes this class and thinks the teacher is a complete and utter tool?

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Fenris Badwulf said...

This is great. It is always good to see what our jungen are being given by lone-wolf activist teachers