Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Green Sh*t Happens

The Liberal Party of Canada has produced a document called Tips for Greener Living. It's so hard to just pick one howler out of so many but if I were to pick a favourite howler - I think tip #45 is the best:
45. Barter Goods and Services

Shhhh...I'm sure Revenue Canada agents will be down with that one. Perhaps Dion will find a way for us to barter the taxman away???? #20 should get an honourble mention – Fill up your dishwasher before using and run during off-peak hours.Who knew using an automatic dishwasher could ever be considered an exercise in 'greener living'?

G-d Bless Stephane Dion and all his little minions – for saving the planet - one dishwasher at a time.


shlemazl said...

Yeah, I liked this one too. What on earth and what does it have to do with environment? Shall we move back to caves as well?

(25) is a good one about "combining errands". Like normally I would go to a supermarket then back home and then back to the shopping platza to visit the hardware store.

At least they did not advise us to abstain from flushing toilets - like the previous mayor of London.

Anyway; good night. Tomorrow I shall challenge my neighbours to a
conservation contest (49).

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... green shit - sounds like a rare gastro disease ;-)

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Shlemazl – Glad your into the spirit of greener living and right after challenging your friends and neighbors – don’t forget to (50) Ask your supervisor to devise a ‘workplace travel plan’ which rewards people that leave their cars at home! Although, it didn't go over well with my boss...

SnoopytheGoon – Canada’s Liberal party’s new slogan is “Green Shift Happens” hence my play on words…I suspect they were stuck because Obama had taken ‘change’ and nothing kills a party’s electoral hopes in this country faster then to be perceived as too American friendly. But yes, it can be considered a rare gastro disease particular to members of the Canadian Liberal party which is no doubt why tip #30 (be conscious of the waste produced) was devised.