Sunday, June 08, 2008

Consider this a change from stories of pedophile priests

Generally, when one thinks of Christian archbishops the phrase which comes to mind is usually not warmonger. CanWest News:
Although he is a man of God, it took no time for him to talk politics. The North American archbishop of the Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church, Philip Saliba, called on his native Lebanon to abolish its sectarian governing system and demanded the United States provide more military aid - specifically missiles - to the country's beleaguered army.
"If the United States would give Lebanon five per cent of what it gives Israel, I think the Lebanese people will be very protected.
"The U.S. just sent us a few military vehicles. Oh, that was very generous. We don't need vehicles, we need missiles to protect the airspace."

Oh, did I mention the archbishop’s call for more weapons happened on a visit to Montreal?

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