Friday, March 31, 2006

Those who live by the Kassam die by explosion.

is reporting that a commander of the “military wing” of the Popular Resistance Committee had died in an expulsion that reduced his Subaru to a smoking metal mush.
A car belonging to as senior commander of the Popular Resistance Committees exploded on Friday in Gaza and Palestinian officials said at least one person was killed. The Palestinians blamed Israel for the explosion.

The target of the explosion was Khalil al-Quqa, commander of the Salah e-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees. Al-Quqa’s son said the shirt taken off the dead body belongs to his father.The Popular Resistance Committees initially refused to confirm whether their commander has been killed, but later vowed to avenge their commander's death. Hundreds gathered near the blazing white Subaru in which al-Quqa and another passenger had been. Gunmen affiliated with the Popular Resistance Committees marched in Gaza city and called for revenge. Firing shots in the air, gunmen said: “Israel will be attacked with a barrage of rockets in the coming hours.” The said “Israel killed him and it will ay for this.”

The spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees Abu Abir told Ynet that his group’s response will be “painful and unprecedented on every level.” This is not the first time that the IDF attempts to assassinate al-Quqa who is considered as one of the most wanted military commanders in the Gaza Strip. He was responsible for cells that fire Qassam rockets at southern Israel. He dispatched a cell to the West Bank to teach terrorists there how to make and launch Qassam rockets. Another cell was caught near Bethlehem few weeks ago.

The Popular Resistance Committee was set up by former members of Fatah and other factions. The groups is considered as Hamas’ satellite organization and supported Hamas’ in the elections to the Palestinian parliament.

The Jerusalem Post report is here. The IAF has denied involvement with al-Quqa’s death. Work related accident or divine intervention by the IAF – he is still one dead kassam maker.

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