Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shalom to Moshe Ya’alon and Welcome to Canada

There is something ironic about reading an Israeli paper to find out what Canadian moonbats are up to but life is full of those little ironies. Taken from YnetNewsOnline:
A group of left-wing organizations, mostly Arabs, some Jewish, called on the Canadian government to detain former Chief of Staff Moshe (Bugi) Yaalon who is planning to visit Toronto on Wednesday to appear in synagogue for a fundraising event for the benefit of IDF wounded soldiers.

The organizations claim that their request to ban Yaalon from entering Canada is based on the Canadian law which prohibits entrance of people suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity. They asked authorities to detain Yaalon if he enters Canada.

Yaalon consulted with the Israeli ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker, who is an expert in international law and served up to two year ago as the Foreign Ministry's legal advisor on the subject, opposite the British, the Belgians, and others. Baker said that that he has no knowledge of any request to the Canadian officials on the matter and added that in practicality, the Canadian law is very strict and in order ban Yaalon from entering, there is need for a signature of the Canadian immigration minister.

In order to detain Yaalon on Canadian soil, a court order signed by the Canadian minister of justice is needed. Yaalon, on his part, decided to make the trip to Canada and speak in "Bet Emeth" synagogue. He will be greeted outside the synagogue by many protestors planning to jeer him and carry signs like "war criminal, you're not welcome in Canada."

I know that there were a few faint-hearted threats bantered about to have US President George W. Bush arrested as a war criminal on his first state visit to Canada, but this is the first I’ve heard that Canadian lefties want to arrest former IDF Chief Moshe Yaalon as a war criminal when he visits Canada. Can’t say claim that I am surprised by the suggestion though it is a bit puzzling why the Toronto Star hasn’t run with the story yet. The one frustrating point in the YnetNewsOnline article is that paper does not carry the name of the organization(s) but a quick google search did come with the usual suspects.
All I can say is Good Luck getting Monte to sign the order.

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