Saturday, March 11, 2006

And on the way home I bought more cheese & cookies

When I told my mother I was taking the tribe to their first rally today she was concerned that there was the possibility that the children might get hurt. I explained this rally was in support of Denmark and Free Speech. There would be no flag burning or rock throwing, and the only sign that hinted at potential violence read Behead All Those Who Insult Havarti. No one got offside even when Relapsed Catholic started to shout Cuba Libre in response to a speech from a man representing the Communist Party of Iran.

The Globe and Mail has carried a report of the story here. Winston at The Spirit of Man has posted pictures from today’s rally. The Last Amazon was captured frowning but I won’t tell you where – she wants to maintain her anonymity. Personally, I have always found sunglasses more effective.

In the end only one of the tribe begged off. The Man felt it was necessary to do his part to preserve the dignity and honour of couch potatoes everywhere by staying in his pj’s to watch Kung Fu flicks. Though he did say we can count him in when the beheading/shooting starts but until then it’s Girl on the Right that has hit the mark.

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