Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Realtor to Jews equals death sentence for Arabs

At Durban 1 it was resolved Zionism as racism and there is a great deal I could say in response but instead I want to highlight this Ynet News report on the carrying on in the Palestinian Authority.
A special Palestinian tribunal on Tuesday discussed for the first time the sale of lands to Jews by Palestinians, which has made waves in the West since it was first reported by Ynet. The first person put on trial was a Hebron resident suspected of selling lands to Israelis. The prosecution demanded that he be convicted of treason.

The court hearing lasted more than six hours and included a reading of the indictment filed against the man. The prosecution presented documents including the locations of the lands the suspect allegedly sold to Israelis in the Hebron area. Sources in the Palestinian Authority said that if the man were to be convicted of treason, he would most likely be sentenced to death.

There is no similar law in Israel which requires a special tribunal to investigate land sales by Jew to Arabs, Christians or Druze. Let alone prosecute such individuals - nor is there ever the possibility of a death sentence for any Jewish land dealer who has sold land to a non-Jew. But remember, Israel is the alleged apartheid state.

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