Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Defendants from the outer edges of the human gene pool finally go on trial in France

On of the most horrendous murders of 2006 to make the international press had to be the brutal murder of Ilan Halimi HY”D (may G-d avenge his blood). The defendants have finally been brought to trial in France and Ha’aretz carries the details:

Twenty-seven young people go on trial this week on charges of participating in the brutal torture and killing in 2006 of Ilan Halimi, a young French Jew, in a case that horrified France. Youssouf Fofana, the presumed leader of the group, stands accused of premeditated murder, demanding ransom and acts of torture and barbarism. He faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

French authorities found 23-year-old Halimi naked, handcuffed and covered with burn marks near railroad tracks in the Essonne region south of Paris on February 13, 2006. He died on the way to the hospital after being held captive for more than three weeks.
As some of the accused were minors at the time of the crime, the trial is likely to be held behind closed doors in juvenile court. Ten young women and 17 young men are to be tried.

With the exception of Fofana, the accused are charged with a variety of crimes, including entrapment, kidnapping by an organized group, sequestration by an organized group that resulted in death or failing to assist a person in peril. Fofana and his accomplices had tried to kidnap other people, including some of Jewish faith, with the intent to demand ransom before seizing Halimi.
I remember the original accounts of the Halimi murder but I had no idea the total defendants now numbered 27 (10 women and 17 young men). Obviously they inhabit the outer edges of the human gene pool without a single shred of humanity or conscience between them for a young Jew. I personally hope all who are guilty simply rot in jail for the rest of their unnatural lives - and may it be long and unceasingly miserable.

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