Monday, April 20, 2009

Not even a Canjet plane in Mo'Bay is immune from Hijacking

I really never would have thought a Canjet plane in Jamaica and enroute to Halifax would be a prime target for a hijacking but it just goes to show one never really knows. The Toronto Star.
MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – A Canadian plane bound for Halifax from Jamaica was taken over by a gunman said to have "mental issues" and was holding five members of the crew hostage early Monday.

Elizabeth Scotton of the Sangster International Airport said that all passengers were safe but Canjet airline said all members of the crew were still being held.
CNN reported there were five employees of the Nova Scotia-based airline still on the plane with the gunman.

"There are no passengers involved at this time, and there's no passengers on board the aircraft," Scotton said in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press. She said the situation is still ongoing, adding that the Jamaican police were on the scene. She said no injuries have been reported. Canjet said in a statement that 182 passengers and crew were scheduled to be on the flight. Scotton had earlier said most of the passengers had not yet boarded the flight when the situation developed on the tarmac.

Unconfirmed reports said the gunman forced his way through security as passengers were boarding and that a shot was fired. Negotiations were underway with the gunman.
Daryl Vaz, Jamaica's information minister, told CNN the gunman was believed to be a young Jamaican man in his 20s with "mental issues." He said the man was demanding to be taken to Cuba. Vaz said the man's father had been brought in to assist with negotiations. He said two crew members have already been allowed to leave the aircraft.
The scheduled flight was due to arrive in Halifax via a stopover in Cuba, and if the hijacker had just bought a ticket, he could have gotten off the plane in Cuba without the fuss.

Here is to hoping the Jamaican Constabulary resolves this situation without harm to the crew or anyone else for that matter.

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