Thursday, April 23, 2009

Israeli-Settlers tainting the Israel Apartheid Branding Efforts

The Yesha (Judea & Samaria) Civil Rights Association has written a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister demanding he act by pressuring the Palestinian Authority to spare the life of a Palestinian Arab on trial by a special tribunal of the Palestinian Authority in Hebron. His ‘special’ crime – allegedly he sold land to Jews and now the Palestinian Arab man faces the death penalty if convicted.
The organization says that Netanyahu’s government must set an ultimatum: “No negotiations with the Palestinian Authority until this anti-Semitic law is rescinded. This demand takes precedence even over the insistence that the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

The trial of the Hevron resident in a special PA court began on Tuesday, with the defendant accused of having sold land in the Hevron area to Jews. The Yesha group asks Netanyahu and the ministers to step in to save the man, who is being charged with treason.

Israel’s intervention in the past has caused the PA to release others who had been jailed on suspicion of selling land to Jews. These include Arab-Israelis living in eastern Jerusalem.Orit Strook of the Jewish Community of Hevron, the director of the Yesha Civil Rights group, says, “Israel would never have diplomatic relations with any country that has on its books a law forbidding the sale of land to Jews.”

Her organization’s letter states that the confiscation of Beit HaShalom (Peace House) from its rightful Jewish owners in Hevron several months ago is directly related to the fact that Arabs must fear for their lives when selling to Jews: “The Israeli authorities act as if the Arab sellers are free people, when in fact a gun is pointed at their heads and they must do everything they can to hide their actions – and this is why they claimed after the sale of Beit HaShalom [to Jews] that they never sold it.” “So long as the ‘Palestinian rule of law’ is not uprooted from its source,” the letter concludes, “all the talk about Israeli rule of law in Judea and Samaria has no foothold in reality.” (Arutz Sheva).

So will Dawg et al chose to take a stand beside those religious Jewish settlers fighting to save a Palestinian Arab man’s life and have a racist law struck off the books of the Palestinian Authority or will they go all morally wishy-washy and attempt to justify the upholding of thug’s rights to self-rule? Ah, the progressive conundrum. Of course, they might just choose to ignore it all together.

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I guess you found the only Palestinian the Dawg and Crew won't wag their tails for or stand up for.