Wednesday, April 22, 2009


According to this Ynet News report Jihad has moved into mainstream pop culture.
An al-Qaeda-supporting magazine has published workout and dietary tips for extremists planning jihad in countries such as Afghanistan, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The online English-language paper, called Jihad Recollections, includes photographs of men in white robes with scarves covering their faces performing a variety of squats and sit-ups. It advises supporters to keep in shape so that they can "strike hard" against their enemies.

According to the report, in order to build up arm strength, readers are told to do up to 150 press-ups a day and try to walk on their hands. There are also diet tips which emphasize eating dates and dry crackers and drinking water, especially during Ramadan. "Contrary to what many people believe, you really only need about 32 grams of protein, so don't waste your money on expensive protein milkshakes," the writer adds.

The writer describes it as "un-Islamic" to eat when not hungry simply in order to add weight, as his western fitness instructors had advised him, and claims that he has gained most muscle while fasting.

I might have been concerned per say but fitness advice concerning protein, fasting and diet leaves me snickering instead. Although it is still rather troubling that the publishers don’t feel unduly worried about openly publishing this kind of magazine.

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