Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Bardism

Ynet News is reporting
Legendary singer Leonard Cohen will hold one concert in Israel on September 24, three days after his 75th birthday. Cohen will perform at the Ramat Fan Stadium as part of his current European tour. Cohen is due to launch his North American tour on April 1 and then continue to Europe at the end of May. News of the concert was recently published on the singer's official website and representatives of the producer who will bring him to the Holy Land confirmed the report to Ynet.

So since Cohen will be spending his post-birthday performing in Yisrael, I thought it was only fitting to choose the song he wrote while entertaining Israeli troops in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War. Rumors has it, that Cohen and Ariel Sharon (who apparently was a big fan) shared a bottle of cognac together.

Lyrical highlight:

And may the spirit of this song,
May it rise up pure and free.
May it be a shield for you,
A shield against the enemy.

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