Friday, January 11, 2008

those poor, poor...

I have been watching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since I was a child. I would catch glimpses of it in the news and it scared me. For a while, I was absolutely petrified at the idea of traveling anywhere on a school bus. I really believed at any moment, the PLO would hijack or attack the school bus because that was exactly the kind of thing the PLO did on a regularly basis. I had no concept of how the large the world was. I only knew that it could be a deadly place.

So my point is not to discuss the irrational fears of my childhood but to stress I was been watching this conflict for a very, very, long time. I have watch it go through many, many changes but consistently there has been one constant and it was the utter barbarity of the Palestinian terrorists.

I admire and marvel at the Israelis a great deal. I cannot think of another western-styled style country which has to live with the consequences of such barbarism within its doorsteps on a daily basis, and still be able to exercise restraint rather than wiping them and their descendants off the map.

So go ahead, laugh all you want at my opinions, but watch this video (very gory) and then tell me where one finds the Israeli equivalent? I will give you a hint – there isn’t one. Not even Baruch Goldstein, when he killed 29 Arabs in a mosque pulled the bloody entails from the dead and danced with them in his hands in a public square.

h/t: Israel Matzav

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