Friday, January 06, 2006

Canadianna wants to know just how weird I actually am

Canadianna has tagged me in this bizarre meme to post 5 weird things about myself. I have been living with myself for so long that nothing strikes me as weird about myself anymore, so I thought I would defer to the judgment of the Tribe in this matter, but could get no clear consensus in a list of five.

The Last Amazon says I am weird because:
1) When I get angry and I cannot focus my attention on the one who has earned my spleen, I will rage for hours mumbling under my breath and pace erratically all around the house. She believes this makes me weird.

2) I am weird because I have more historical, political, military and philosophical books than I have fiction and yet I love a good story. She claims that I have a tendency to talk about historical characters from the past as if they were still living and relevant.

3) She says I have a higher geek factor than normal because I play way too many PC/Video games and read & watch far too much science fiction.

4) She finds it strange that I am always right no matter how outlandish my opinion.

5) Terrible and strange things mysteriously happen to people who attempt to do me a bad turn. I’ve tried to explain it’s the blood curse – don’t ask, as you really don’t want to know.

Montana the Man:
1) I fall asleep within twenty minutes of watching a movie or television and yet can read for hours at a stretch without napping.

2) I go to bed far too early and get up way, way too early (usually 4am).

3) I play video games when I am suppose to be cooking, in fact, I will attempt to use any excuse to avoid cooking as much food as he wants outside of three meals a day.

4) I call myself a conservative but I believe in liberty and am content to let everyone go to hell in their own way as long as it does not touch on my own life or the life of my family.

5) I was a punk in the seventies - but wasn’t everybody?

Isaiah Sender aka the Dreadie
1) There is nothing weird about me. I am not only the perfect mother but all women should aspire to be just like me.

Guess which two children are teenagers. Guess which child is attempting to be my favourite child.

Here’s my list:
1) I have truth issues with other people. I will say something absolutely outrageous with a straight face and people will automatically believe me no matter how it defies logic and when I attempt to set the record straight with the truth they think that I am attempting to pull the wool over their eyes.

2) I am per say a Roman Catholic but I know more about Judaism and Torah then I do about Christianity and the New Testament.

3) I am raising my children to be good Catholics when I myself have lost my belief in Christianity long ago but I suffer from a strange emotional/intellectual paralysis that impedes me from moving forward to do what I need to do to follow the beliefs of my heart and the dictates of my conscience.

4) I have an allergy to pork. I have never met anyone else that is like me in that way. If I unintentionally even eat a small amount of pork, I develop hives and a killer migraine, eventually my body starts to swell and then I will toss my cookies without end.

5) Ian Scott thinks the fact that I was given an “I love Israel” button and will wear it makes me weird, while I think that the weird reactions I get from people when I wear it makes them weird.

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