Thursday, January 12, 2006

Caesar’s Wife Rule

Julius Caesar’s second wife, Pompeia was inadvertently caught up in a scandal that sent the maligning tongues of Rome wagging. It fell to Pompeia to preside over the ritual of the annual Bona Dea festival. Unfortunately for Pompeia, an unwelcome and unprincipled suitor used the mystery of Bona Dea festival as an opportunity to get gain unsupervised access to Pompeia disguised as a woman. Not only were the rituals desecrated by the attendance of a male at the women only festival but Pompeia’s character was called into question for attracting this kind of male attention. Though there was no evidence that Pompeia acted injuriously in any way Julius Caesar immediately divorced her on the grounds that Caesar’s wife must be beyond suspicion or reproach.

Liberals commonly characterize Conservatives as cold, scary and heartless. If ever there was a time to be so; it is now. There is a burgeoning deficit of ethical conduct in Canadian governance. The primary rationale for this election is the lack of ethical conduct exhibited by Liberal Party of Canada members during the last decade of their governance.

Conservatives need to stand up and show the Canadian public that they are not just Liberals with a different stripped tie. Caesar’s wife rule must apply; all Conservative Party of Canada candidates must be above suspicion or reproach. Cut him loose now.

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