Monday, January 17, 2005

Live from University of Toronto: Israeli Apartheid Week

University of Toronto will play host to the Israel=Apartheid Crowd from Monday, January 31 to Friday, February 4, 2005 organized by the University of Toronto Arab Student Collective and sponsored by Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies.

John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty makes a guest appearance and will host the forum on Palestinian Migrant Labour in the Apartheid State – has this man ever held a real job in his life - let alone one in the Apartheid State? I suppose suicide bombers could be considered a kind of migrant worker – it did tend to be lucrative under Saddam and the on the job promotion to heaven is/was seen as a kind of perk.

Unfortunately, there have been no scheduled speakers to discuss women’s equality issues either in the workplace or before the courts in Palestinian society. There will be no discussions on honour killings; and no one will update the crowd on how the battle goes to end the barbaric practice of female circumcision. Finally, don’t look for anyone to discuss the lack of rights and brutal treatment meted out to the Christians, Druze, Domi or homosexuals in Palestinian society. Though there is a lecture planned to discuss the Illegality of the Apartheid Wall and Canada’s responsibility. No doubt that should be informative.

The lecture series opens with a discussion on the Right of Return on the 31st though I do see that no one from JIMENA will be speaking.

Now all I have to do is clean my "Six Days, Bitch" T-shirt and I will be good to go. And to the Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at University of Toronto, I say, "HARAM ALEKEM!"

(Tipped off by Little Green Footballs)


Gordon Pasha said...

Womens studies. God bless 'em, but they are bit slow on the uptake.

Dave in L.A. said...

Why not just call it Antiamerican Studies-Women's Division. Today, they're just another group of Leftists who've sold out their principles.

mike said...

Wow, talk about lack of education in a supposed educational setting. A conferenc eof lies. I hope they inckude a daily suicide bombing exhibit with full human carnage including children to demonstarte how they treat their neighbours in a democratic and civilized Israel. Shame on the Women's and Gender studies departments. And shame on everyone who believes the propoganda.