Monday, January 10, 2005

And I Did It My Way

I blame the Flea for this nonsense – he knows that there are many that cannot resist taking these silly quizzes.

At least I'm not Drew Carey
Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.

The sad part is I think I really was the most hated, loathed, reviled (use your favourite expletive) female in High School. All because I gave a 90 minute class presentation in Canadian Law on the Evils of Censorship dressed in black fishnet stockings, knee high boots and corset while the Sex Pistols played in the background. Ten years later a good friend ran into two girls in a Deli that we went to High School with. They had absolutely no recollection of him but they remembered clearly how venomously they hated me, and still did.


Ghost of a flea said...

I think I speak for the entire Canadian blogosphere in saying I am most curious to see an updated version of your views on the evils of censorship.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

The problem is I have no sentimental feelings for high school and the idea that I could re-live the experience leaves me a tad cold. Though there is a certain warped appeal to being able to claim the most hated female in the Canadian blogsphere but whatever would the Last Amazon say? She's so far to the right that I am a middle of the road liberal in her eyes.

Babbling Brooks said...

As a fellow Objectifier of All Things Female(TM), I'll interpret for you: I believe Flea was thinking more along the lines of watching another presentation involving fishnets, knee-highs, and a corset.

Oh...he really did want to hear about censorship. Well...I was just joking...

Jaeger said...

I must say these stories about fishnet stockings and ballet leg thingy moves in bars provoke the most vivid mental images. All that and conservative, too!