Friday, January 21, 2005

Breakfast of Hate

I readily own up to the fact that I possess a slight petty streak which is often mixed with a rather warped sense of humour. That’s why I am compelled to read Hog on Ice on a regular basis. Steve H often writes something that I wish I had. Like Friday, on Breakfast of Hate, he comments on the US Senate Hearings and Condoleeza Rice:
The hearings were historic, mainly because it’s not that often that you get to see seven or eight Democrats slander and abuse a successful black woman. Not since they stopped wearing sheets. But then Condi isn’t black or female. She’s conservative, so NOW and the NAACP revoked her credentials. From now on, whenever she fills out a government form, she has to list herself as a white male, and in certain states she could also be forced to buy golf clubs.

Condi Rice is a big favourite of the Last Amazon and she hopes to be grow-up to be the soldier/scientist - much taller version of Condi Rice. The Last Amazon has a great deal of empathy for Condi Rice, she too has often felt that her membership in NOW and NAACP has been made null and void for much the same reasons Condi’s has. Though the Last Amazon already plays golf, she cannot yet afford Condoleeza Rice’s choice in shoes but speaking as the mother of the Last Amazon it is my professional opinion that everyone needs something to work towards.

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John the Mad said...

Now that was funny, Kate.