Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom Need You!

Last weekend I received an invitation from the Imperial Armorer at Castle Argghhh! to enlist in the Fighting Fusileers and participate in the Spirit of America Bloggers Challenge.

For me, it was a no-brainer decision to make. Across the banner of The Last Amazon is a quote by Victor Davis Hanson: "It is never wrong to be on the side of freedom – never." I believe in that with all my heart and soul but belief is only the first requisite of that credo. More important than the belief itself is the manifestation of that belief into action for what is faith without acts?

Some of you may be wondering what the Spirit of America is. Simply put, bloggers are raising funds to benefit the ordinary people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The money raised is used to support current initiatives made by US service men and women who are currently serving on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq now. These service personnel have seen the need and want to help. The initiatives are made financially viable by the donations from the general public and delivered/administrated by US service personnel - not one of these projects have been determined by the US government.

Here is a brief description of just some of the projects these service personnel want to implement:

U.S. Marines and SeaBees are training Iraqi men as carpenters, electricians, plumbers and masons. Donated tools will be presented as gifts of friendship when they complete trade school. Your contribution will support Iraqis who are working with the Marines to rebuild their country.

The 1st Marine Division asked if we could help women in Ramadi by providing sewing machines for centers being established by the Province's director of economic development. The sewing centers, include day care, and provide women in the area with the opportunity to earn a living - some for the first time.

A few months back, we posted a request from Special Forces who wanted to help in Afghanistan. Donors responded so overwhelmingly that we received enough funds to implement a second project. This time, Sergeant Tredway is bringing school supplies and sports equipment to children in Afghanistan. His goal is "to increase the receptivity of Americans in Afghanistan to foster democratic ideals and to broaden the spectrum of activity for Afghan youth."

U.S. Army Special Forces request shoes, clothes and tools for villagers in remote Afghanistan. "We're currently working on a project for early spring time. We especially need shoes and shawls. Women usually get nothing in these areas. We'd like to help that."

We are providing children's books identified by Iraq's Ministry of Education. The books will be used to create children's libraries in community centers, hospitals and schools.

At the Spirit of America website is a full listing and description of all current funding projects. You can donate directly via pay pal or credit card to the project of your choice or just direct your money to the general pot wherever the need is greatest.

All US donations are tax deductible and Canadian funds are accepted gratefully.

Use this link to donate by Pay Pal or Credit Card directly or you can mail in your donation to:

Spirit of America
12021 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 558
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Please write your e-mail address on your check and indicate the project of your choice in your check's memo area.

Please understand that No AMOUNT is TOO SMALL for people in NEED.

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