Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A message to my concerned readers

Who emailed me this afternoon. I realize I had a rather ‘unique’ visitor named Omar, and yes, I get that he posted a link to the only ‘official’ English language site to the Muslim Brotherhood in my comments.

Here’s the deal. Omar was respectful. He hasn’t called me any names nor has he called for my death – yet, and until he does, he is welcome to comment. He is even welcome to post links to alternative viewpoints or to prove his point. If anything, I would suggest my readers take a good look at the site and come to their own conclusions. And for those of you who blog – well I am sure there is a post or two to be found in the articles.

Omar and I stand across a great divide. I have no idea if it can ever be spanned between us but I understand more of what that divide entails than some of you realize. Omar has his beliefs and I have mine. In a perfect world there would be a bridge between us where, he and me & mine could meet in peace, but this world isn’t perfect, and the best which can sometimes be hoped for is there are still places where he and I (or you) can meet and reach an understanding – even if that understanding is only a consensus to disagree. Knowledge is power but a closed mind is like a weapon never forged.

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