Thursday, March 05, 2009

If Britain is jockeying to be the capital of Eurarabia -

I suppose this is a prudent move. AP

LONDON (AP) — Britain is re-establishing contact with the militant group Hezbollah following the formation of a unity government in Lebanon, the British government said Thursday.

The Foreign Office said that it has established contact with the group's political wing but still has no contact with its military wing.

Britain ceased contact with members of Hezbollah in 2005 and listed the military wing as a proscribed terrorist organization last year. The Foreign Office said that it had reconsidered its position following positive developments in Lebanon.
"Our objective with Hezbollah remains to encourage them to move away from violence and play a constructive, democratic and peaceful role in Lebanese politics, in line with a range of UN Security Council Resolutions," the ministry said.
Well, good luck with that.

What confuses me is - which wing of Hezbollah does Nasrallah lead – the military or political one?

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