Thursday, March 19, 2009

marrying for dollars or Hamas social policy in action

I really have no idea how this Hamas policy would work out but speaking as a serial widow it wouldn’t have hold much appeal for me to marry anyone. Ynet News.
Hamas is offering a $3000 reward for any man willing to marry the widow of a "shahid" (a martyr), several Arab websites reported this week. Hamas initiated the move in an attempt to lower the number of widowed women in the Gaza Strip who lost the spouses who provided for them and their children, and in order to ease their emotional grief and financial difficulties.

The number of widows in Gaza has grown dramatically after Operation Cast Lead. The Palestinian society regards divorcées and widows in a negative way, and young men usually refrain from marrying them. Hamas hopes that by encouraging men to wed these women, it will be providing them with stability and a better life.

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