Friday, March 27, 2009

Hamas sweeps UNRWA elections and I want a tax refund

Bet you did not read a report of the Hamas winning the labour sweeps at UNRWA union elections in the Toronto Star today. Arutz Sheva
( The Hamas jihadist organization won control of nearly two thirds of the Gaza branch of a United Nations aid agency's employees union. The same agency charged last month that Hamas was stealing its humanitarian supplies to the residents of Gaza.

In the elections for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) union in Gaza, held Wednesday, the Hamas-controlled Islamist bloc won 17 out of 27 seats. PLO-affiliated factions won nine seats, with the last seat going to an independent

In the UNRWA union's legislative body in Gaza, seats are divided among the various employee sectors. Significantly, Islamist candidates won all 11 seats reserved for teachers. The services sector representatives are divided between Hamas (4) and a PLO-supported coalition (5). Four seats designated for labor union members went to the PLO coalition and two to Hamas.

Candidates representing the Islamic Jihad terrorist group also ran in the elections, but obtained no seats. Approximately 10,000 UNRWA employees in Gaza took part in the voting. UNRWA runs 221 schools and dozens of medical clinics in Gaza; the agency also distributes food packages and quarterly cash stipends to thousands of impoverished families throughout the region.

Since Canada is still plowing funds from CIDA to the UNWRA in the Gaza Strip I want a tax refund. I didn’t get a SIN card to fund Hamas in any of its incarnations. Let the Iranians pick up the tab for a change.

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