Monday, March 02, 2009

And the point of ceasefire is?

Yesterday, at least six rockets hit Israel and a Grad rocket hit an Israeli school Saturday morning.
Palestinian in the Gaza Strip fired at least five projectiles at southern Israel on Saturday morning, with a Grad-type rocket hitting an Asheklon school. No one was wounded in the attack, as the school was closed, though a number of residents were treated for shock. Another Grad rocket landed in an open area just outside the city. (Jerusalem Post)
Here’s the thing. Since this isn’t the ‘kassam’ type rocket which is the Gaza Strip’s cottage industry, it obviously had to be bought from outside the Gaza Strip. The only group we know has ‘grad type rocket’s are Hamas, so all pretense that the rocket fire is coming from disenfranchised smaller terror group, should be over. Hamas blew their own cover on this one.

Secondly, Hamas knows it now has the coordinates for a school and it wants Israel to know that as well which is why this kind of rocket was deliberately launched at this target today. It is only a hop, skip and a jump to launch another grad when school is actually in session. Thirdly, Hamas is feeling politically very secure in the knowledge that Israeli retailiation is minimal at this stage.

And why wouldn’t they? They survived the Israeli Operation Cast Lead and lived to fire another day. One day, the Israelis will launch another Operation Cast Lead, and Israelis detractors will claim the Israeli state is overacting and perhaps they will have a point when most rockets launched are not met with the force the situation demands.

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